Lazy Saturday

After 1h of yoga and 3h of brunch, I got home ready (kind of) to face unpacking boxes after boxes. After all, this is what the living room looks like at the moment..

Then I switched on the TV to find both Miss Congeniality and Return of the Jedi. Unpacking will just have to wait.

Also, my friend and I went to this new place called Cross & Corner in Canonmills. How cool are their table numbers?



Well, summer is officially over. Not only is it late September, but I also got drenched on my way home. Again. It was cold, really not fun and now my dry hands hurt from spending the day at work with the heating on full blast. Did I mention it wasn’t fun?

So it feels time for the obligatory summer recap post. Mind you there was maybe ten days altogether of actual warm weather, but looking at those photos give the illusion of a sunny few months that I very much welcome right now.

A friend’s birthday drinks in a park

Work lunch by a pond

I went to London and hopped on the Thames clipper

Cutty Sark in Greenwich

Train ride back from London

Blue skies in the Old Town

Marc Jacobs’ Lemonade

Maybe it’s the non-existent summer we’re having this year, but I have been obsessing over these two Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Fruits Slice’ necklaces for a few weeks now. The bright yellow and hard-candy like design is adorable yet original, and make me daydream of wearing sandals and shorts in the sun. If only..


The Tiny Slice Pendant would be super cute with a tee-shirt and the Fruits Slice Necklace perfect paired with a silky blouse or even strapless fitted top.

Sigh. I want ’em.

Like nail art on a skirt

Alternative Apparel is another of those brands I really, really wish would be more easily available in the UK. For now the cost of the international shipping means I stick to browsing their website with  loud sighs. But if I could, this Seneca Maxi Skirt would be the first item to hit my basket. I love the colours, the diagonal striping and especially the folded waistband. Casual yet elegant enough for pairing with either ballet flats or wedge sandals, or even Converse.

Welcome to Sweet Adeline

Welcome to Sweet Adeline!

I have been thinking for a long time of starting a blog to share all the beauty, food, travel and culture-related things I love. And what with the gray clouds and mist that have reappeared in Scotland,  it seems there will be plenty of indoors time to spend in front of a computer.